So you have a set of alloy wheels and you are thinking of refurbishing them. There are a number of options you can choose to take. Which one you go for may depend on your budget, the condition of your existing wheels and the type of finish you want to achieve.

Our traditional mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service involves as removing the wheel from your car, treating any damaged areas, prior to repsraying and lacquer coating the newly refurbished alloy wheel.

The powder coating process is a little more detailed. It involves removing the tyres from your wheels and then professionally removing any damage or corrosion to your wheels via the powder coating process.

This usually involves high pressure “blasting” of the wheel to remove any existing paint or surface corrosion, prior to the powder coating being applied. This actually sprayed on to the wheel in a “dry” state. The wheel is then baked, which turns the powder coating in to a liquid that provides a very even and uniform covering.

Once baked a final lacquer layer is applied over the wheels surface to help protect the new powder coated finish.

Powder Coating Alloy Wheel

Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

One of the main advantages of powder coating is the fact you can pretty much choose any style or colour of finish for your alloy wheels. Powder coating is very popular within the car modding scene as it’s a great way to make your car unique to you.

There are some really stunning finishes available from matt paint colours to full on flips, glitters and pearlescent paint finishes!

The only downside to powder coating is if the wheel is kerbed or damaged in the future you may need to undertake a complete re-powder coating to achieve a satisfactory repair.

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