With the condition of our roads and ever increasing alloy wheel size, thin spoke design and increasing kerb weight of our vehicles the chances of picking up hairline or worse cracks to your alloy wheels has increased.

Sometimes a cracked wheel may not present itself as an issue until a tyre is deflated and the pressure is removed from the alloy wheel. Many people who contact us with cracked alloy wheels do so after going to change tyres. When the old tyre is deflated and removed, many times the hairline crack(s) will open up under the reduced pressure on the wheel.

This means when the new tyre is put on the wheel it can sometimes no longer hold pressure, as the crack has opened up and now allows air to escape.

Cracked Alloy Wheel

Cracked Alloy Wheel Repair

We can now offer you a professional alloy wheel repair for nearly all examples of alloy wheel cracks. We only offer this service where it is possible to safely repair any cracks.

As part of the service the alloy will be repaired around the crack, to ensure it is as strong, if not stronger than before and most importantly air tight. We will also ensure the wheel is fully balanced post the crack repair.

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