Alloy wheel technology has improved greatly over the past few years. Utilising the latest computer aided design, alloy wheels are being designed to add far more structural strength and therefore reduce the chance of damage through cracks or buckles.

That said with the condition of many of our local roads there is still the chance of your alloy wheel picking up a buckle. A buckled wheel may or may not be felt within the car through the steering wheel or other types of vibration or noise.

The great news is a buckled alloy wheel doesn’t necessarily mean a costly replacement alloy wheel purchase.

Alloy Wheel Pothole Buckle

Alloy Buckle Repair Service

We can now offer one a professional buckle repair service for your alloy wheel. This ensures your wheel is fully checked and repaired to ensure it is straight and true. plus not structurally compromised.

We have found examples of buckled wheels where our customers weren’t even aware of the buckle. This has come when we have attempted to re-diamond cut the wheel and on placing within our laser guided machine, we have discovered the wheel had a buckle and wasn’t true.

Prior to re-diamond cutting we have had to arrange for the wheel to be straightened. This process is still much less than the many hundreds of pounds a brand new replacement alloy wheel may cost.

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