Here you will find more information on our alloy wheel refurbishment services.


Please don’t hesitate us to ask any question about any of our wheel refurbishment services.

Standard Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Remove poor finish, scruff marks or kerbing from your alloy wheel with our standard mobile wheel refurbishment service. We perform our professional wheel refurbishment that includes damage repair, paint prep, re-painting and then sealing.

Keep your OE style finish or change the colour and appearance of your alloy wheel via any paint finish you want including gloss black, anthracite and silver chrome.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Diamond cutting is a specialist finish that is applied to alloy wheels. Instead of a painted surface, the alloy is precision cut – usually with a diamond tipped cutter (hence the name) – and then lacquered. This process creates a highly polished/shiny appearance. The downside of this type of finish is that over time the lacquer can break down and water staining/damage can occur to your alloy wheels.

With one of the only, if not the only, mobile diamond cutting machines in Hampshire we can repair and restore your diamond cut wheel back to its original glory.

Lease Return Vehicles

When you lease a vehicle you are usually agreeing to maintain in it to a high standard. This includes protecting the wheels. Did you know many lease companies will charge excessive excesses for any alloy wheel refurbishment work required?

Sweet Alloys can help save you money by professionally repairing and refurbishing your leased vehicles alloy wheels prior to you returning the car.


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